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FATHER: Dear son,let's watch a movie now.
SON: But dad,the  has gone hours back and has not turned up yet.
FATHER: This frequent power failure is a big head ache now a days.
SON: Then dad you and your friends can complaint to the higher authorities.
FATHER: Son,if we complaint there will be no use.They will keep arguing .

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Son:     Father, we are facing a lot of trouble at home.
father:  what son ? what problem is it?
Son:     we are experiencing cuts in the power supply. It is affecting all of us.
father:  what can we do. all over the state we have forced power cuts in place.
Son:    well, at that rate, we have trouble studying and it is very uncomfortable for
           mother, and brothers also.
father: so what do we do then ?
son:    well, our friends have purchased and installed inverters at their houses. Let
           us also get one home.
father: well, that is a good idea. Tomorrow I will contact a seller and have it
           installed  as soon as possible.