To find the specific heat of a given solid Materials required -calorimeter,thermometer, stirrer, water,steam heater,wooden box and lead shots. Procedure :- 1.measure the mass of calorimeter with stirrer=m1gm. 2.fill water one third volume of calorimeter and measure the mass =m2gm. this time initial temperature =T1 4.mass of the water =m2-m1gm 5. Take a few lead shots in steam heater and heat upto 100degree Celsius let this temperature Be T2 6.pour the lead shots into calorimeter and measure the final temperature T3 Mass of calorimeter with contents =m3gm and mass of lead shots =m3-m2gm If specific heats of the calorimeter, lead shots, and water are Sc,Sl, Sw respectively By using method of mixtures we have Heat lost by the solid =heat gain by the (calorimeter +water) (m3-m1)Sl(T2-T2)=M1sc(T3-T1)+(m2-m1)Sw(T2-T3) Sl=[M1SC+(M2-M1) Sw](T3-T1) /(m3-m2)(T2-T3) Knowing the specific heats of calorimeter nd water we can able to calculate specific heat of solid.
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