What is centripetal force??? Difference between centripetal and centrifugal force..
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CENTRIPETAL FORCE:Centripetal force is a force that makes a body follow a curved path.for example movement of a roller-coaster
CENTRIFUGAL FORCE:Centrifugal force is the force that draws a rotating body away from the center of rotation.for example hang something on a string grab other end of the string and spin the object when you let go of string object goes away due centrifugal force.
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A force which acts on a body which is travelling in a circular path is called centripetal force.

                      centrifugal force                                         centripetal force
direction      Along the radius of the circle,                       Along the radius of the
                    from the center towards the object               towards the center.
 Example    Mud flying off a tire; children                       .Satellite orbiting a                                  pushed out on a roundabout                         planet         

Defined        byChistiaan Hygens in 1659                        Isaac Newton in 1684                                                                                          
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how the force of cenripetal act towrds radius??
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