all war is a symptom of man's failure thinking as an animal by john steinbeck. war is not a good way to end conflicts.
⇒wars do not create a solution for the conflict between two countries

⇒they hinders the development of country as it reduces the prosperity and progress of a country

⇒it leads to heavy loss of live and property as it destroys the resources of the country

⇒no war is done to bring peace to a country and or change in a society

 ⇒there are adverse effects of war after they occur as well
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War there are many types the war of mind the war of heart the war of humanity's foolishness....... War are started just because of missunderstandig or a wrong deed done by man and gis highest for of computer that is brain ....... When we have conlifts we first come to the understanding that we are right but we rarely even understand the opposite person coz when in anger mouth speaks louder than the heart and the brain ....... So first thing we should is calm down and listen to the next person..... If we really don'nt care about others and we start fights and wars ...... This results in broken relationships, broken hearts, lives lost , humalition of themsleves , and alot ............. So hope u like it.... ^_^
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