As for the developement of a locality government need to......
1)Provide proper street lights.
2)Providing drinking water on alternate days.
3)Proper electricity supply to the houses of the locality
4)Laying of roads.
5)plantation of saplings in the locality for fresh air
6)At least one police station in the region.
7)Spreading of DDT and DPT for eradication of mosquitoes

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UNDP plays a vital role in shaping indian economy. Yes, it true becuse united nations development programme (UNDP) compares countries based on the educational levels of the people, their status and percapita income. The countries of income US$12,600 and above are called rich countries and below US $ 1,035 are called low income vountries and india is one among low income countries. Thus we can conclude that United nations development programme (UNDP) plays a vital role in shaping the indian economy
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