Nower days all the time peoples were busy in mobiles or computers with their friends due to this they can't give time to their family............especially school going and collage going students were can't spent more time with their mother and father.
But in past there were no more use of these things so they send time with their families, they know real value of family especially of joint families.
These things also reduce the conversation between parents and childrens.
Human brain is the most developed one.slowly we have developed our technology and now in previous days we used to find only boon with science but now we mostly find bane with it.if we are using technology in a proper and limited way then it will be a boon or else we find the hell with it.because of these greatly developed mobiles,computers,laptops,tabs,etc.,we find human relation is also getting let us develop our distinguishing human relationships.let us prevent it from being distinct.