You are the General Manager (Human Resource Development) of the company. You want to talk about the effective ways of making good presentations to the sales staff. Use the following points to write the body of presentation:
1) How good presentations can benefit your company.
2) How speakers should prepare before giving presentations.
3) The qualities of a good speaker.
4) How a speaker can keep the attention of the audience.
5) The effective use of visual aids in presentations.




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1) To increases sales, we need to convince our existing clients and prospective clients of the quality of our products and our services. So we need to give good quality presentations too. Those presentations need to be effective to impress the clients. Then they will continue to use our products and services.

2) When we have examinations, we read and prepare well for writing them. Same is the case when we go for interviews. So when we have a presentation with a client, it is needed to prepare ahead of it. It is good to practice or rehearse within the group to improve the delivery of our presentation.

3) A good speaker conveys important points of the presentation. He gives time to listeners to ask questions and clarifies them. He presents the points from the viewpoint of the audience in a simple and clear way.

4) Speaker can keep the attention of the audience by being relevant, staying within the topic, not having long interruptions, making presentation to the majority of the audience, and answering questions in a generalized way and also specificity of that inquirer. Keep the matter simple and easy enough to catch.

5) Visual aids like graphs, histograms, tables and images help in easier understanding of the point being conveyed. They make more impression on the audience. So the visual aids must be used for the most important facts. A simple visual aid saves a thousand words.