Dear penfriend(Kristof),
                                        I'm pleased to write a letter to you again. I have prepared properly for your coming and I also hope you'd enjoy the tour, I've booked two tickets for a concert that will be conducted by India's most popular band Euphoria and I've also booked a bus for us for a small tour to show you my beautiful country. I'm very eager to meet you for the first time, have a nice journey while coming I'll be there at sharp (time), and I hope that my service pleases you.
yours faithfully


hi, (any name)

how are you friend??? I m very pleased that you are coming. we will have lots of fun. I have many games to play & india is such an ospicious place where we will enjoy a lot. happy journey & please keep all the things that are necessary while travelling. see you here.

your loving friend,

(your name)

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thank u
:) :D