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‘PANCHTATVA’ is panch + tatva which denotes five elements of universe. 
These are: Bhumi (Earth), Neer (Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air) and Gagan (Space).
  Earth: The Earth with its incredible magnetic fields and gravitational force keeps everything intact. The  Earth and its movement round the Sun is in a disciplined manner. The human beings should always be well disciplined like Earth.
Water: The source of life, water plays an important role on human beings life and is an important element. Water accommodates itself in imaginable shape.The human beings should take lesson from water and always be adjustable by forgoing ego like Water.
  Fire: Fire is the source of heat and light, Fire makes everything visible to us. Fire is Purity as anything when put into Fire gets transformed to its immaculate form. Human beings should be pure leading to right morals and noble.
  Air: Air is also form a powerful source and very important to sustain life. Air flows in different directions thereby representing Freedom. Human beings should cherish freedom in real sense like Air.
  Space: Space the ‘holder’ of everything is the basis and essence of all things in the material world. It is the very first* element in creation, is Universal. Human beings should be universal in their approach.
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PANCHATATVA according to Indian mythology represents the five elements from which life evolves. The universe and all its contents are basically composed of panchatatva or 5 basic elements comprising of Prithvi (earth), apas(water), tejas(light), Maruta(wind), and aakash(sky).
When the soul leaves the body, these elements return back to the nature in its original state.
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