You have organised a farewell party at your home for one of your friends who is going abroad for studies. Your parents have graciously retired to their room,leaving the house at your disposition. One friend becomes hyper and starts a fight with others. Clearly this is something you hadn't bargained for!........
so friends i need a conversation on this topic between to friends to stop his hyper....'s urgent to me to get this answer..



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Ram: Why are u fighting we came here to enjoy and give a farewel to our friend.
Gopi: First he started the arguement,why are u blaming me only ask him to stop first.
Shyam:Hey!why r u fighting whats the matter.
Ravi: He threw the hot soup on me but didn't apolozise.
Ram: Please stop argueing  all of us gathered here to enjoy the party,why to spoil everyones mood especially Rahul .It will become a bad memory for him after leavin us. He feel bad if we fight in the farewel party which we r giving for Rahul.Please dont argue like this after all we are all  friends.
Shyam: I too feel the same please stop argueing like small kids. Say sorry to each other and stop this matter here. 

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