Sher Singh carried his younger brother Kunwar through two bridges,crossing the rivers and reaching hospital. The river was flooded and there was no bridge to help them through; hence they could not swim also. Then he saw a wreck of a bridge. He thought fast of some way to cross the bridge. He made a rope and tied Kunwar.Sher had fainted) with himself and entered into the water above the wreak of bridge. The water was too cold, he could not move. They even slipped.
But then he recovered and his determination were high which helped them finally to cross the bridge even with such adversities and calamities.

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Thats a story  about a elder brother and his fellow younger brother . Sher Singh is the elder and Kunwar is his  younger brother.his  father's name is Sher Singh Bahadur ,he used to always go for expedition in jungle.on a peaceful one day Kunwar was suffering from stomach ache. Sher Singh and his mother tried a lot to cure kunwar  but they were unsuccesfully  . Then they decided to take him to doctor. when they are taking him  to doctor Sher Singh faced many problems.But He didnt  stop .After reaching to hospital 50 miles away from his village Laldwani .He came to know that his brother is fine. And the doctor called him Sher Singh Bahadur with a smile and said that now he is okay theres no need to take tension .