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today i am here to tell u something about MYSTERY.....
now i want to share a mysterous story of the bermuda triangle.
the bermuda triangle also known as the devil triangle is a loosely definied region in thewestern part of north atlantic ocean.
documented evidences indicates that a significant % of incidents were spurious,inaccurately reported or embellished by the later authours .in the last few years {some people say that} 234 ships sank in the bermuda triangle.
one of the example of a incident in the bermuda triangle is:
star tigerĀ  disappeared on January 30, 1948, on a flight from the Azores to Bermuda; g-agre star anel disappeared on January 17, 1949, on a flight from Bermuda to kingston, jamaica . Both were avro tudor IV passenger aircraft operated by british south america airways. Both planes were operating at the very limits of their range and the slightest error or fault in the equipment could keep them from reaching the small island. One plane was not heard from long before it would have entered the Triangle.

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but its nice that u have a brilliant example to explain the meaning of wisdom with scientific evidence. Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!