Education is a very important part of our life. every parent wants their child to study and be successful in life. it helps to make a good future in our career. it helps in making the future of a student happening. but it doesn't mean that there are no adverse affects of education. there are many adverse affects of education. now a days, they make students toil a lot for studies and give lots of home works. due to this they do not get sufficient time to play or spend time with their friends, family, relatives etc. they get an egoistic feeling of being educated in front of illiterates. they always stick to books and due to this don't understand the values of relationships. they feel they are more advanced that others. the children stick to junk food as they have no time to eat healthy food. and due to heavy pressure and tension on students minds they feel a lot of burden on them and may have hyper tensions, headaches, various types of diseases and mental disorders.
Accessibility of education by poor people is very less at past time but it is reduces today some what and denied for females at that time now it is totally a days education is every where but opportunities are less and daily unemployment is increasing due heavy competition. but still it is important and education should elaborate to far most rural areas not only cities. if their is no valuable teaching in schools the students face lot of problems and it effect in their creativity and logical thinking and one more thing now a days education is in online it has some pros and cons