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Mohenjo-daro was constructed in a very well organized and planned way in around 2600 B.C. They lived next to the big river Indus. The Indus valley people built it.

The striking features are the First street, Great bath, and the granary. Mohenjo-daro was famous for its architecture and urban infrastructure.   There were high city walls around, fort citadels and granaries. The walls gave a good safety.  Residential and business areas (markets) were separately built as per their requirements. There was an assembly hall for meetings and prayers.  

The walls are special in the sense that they were fabricated using fired and mortared bricks. The usual mud bricks dried in Sun were also used. Also sculptures made of wood were used.

They lived by growing crops and agriculture.   They also planned the drainage of water (sewerage) from the city.  

Mohenjo-daro was a centre for production and sale of various crafts and (metal) beads. They manufactured cloth and special fancy items. They used the barter system for trade. They handle metals – blending and casting. They could make bronze statues and their sculpture is distinct.

Dancing was part of their culture. Weighing balances were also available at the markets. Gold jewellery was also made there.

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Mohenjo daro was made up of fire baked bricks. the great bath also called as granary, a massive building with solid brick foundations and sockets. there is also an assembly hall. the rest of the citadel consists of smaller domestic units, bathing platforms , wells etc., the treasury is placed in the middle so that it may not be plundered. the place where the king resides is placed on a raised platform. the lower town is made up of numerous lower mounds that represent multiple walled neighborhood. coming to the other side, it portrays many statues the most magnificient being the priest king.
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