the period of oscillation of the pendulum depends only on two factors:
1.length of the pendulum
2.gravitational force
 the period increases with an increase in length and decreases with an increase in gravitational force.
  therefore it can be concluded that the mass of the bob of a simple pendulum does not affect  its time period.
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Normally, at school level we assume that the bob is a point mass m. The pendulum rod is thin and uniform. We assume that the rod is weightless. The size of bob is very small compared to the length of pendulum string. We assume that there is no friction at the point of support.

We ignore the effect of gravitational attraction between bob and the other masses around there.  We assume that the maximum angle to which the pendulum swings on either side is very small.

Then we get the formula that period of oscillation =      T = 2 π √(L/g)
        where L = length of pendulum rod/string.  and g = acceleration due to gravity.
        g = 9.8 meters/sec² on the surface of earth (constant at a location).

  So time period depends only on the length of pendulum. Time period does not depend on mass of bob.

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