The word people litterally means human beings.the people of the country are its valuable resources ifthey are healthy skilled and educated . no economic activity is possible without people(humans) . it works as labour, management andentrepreneur in all the economic activities and as such it is indispencible factor of production.human resource or people resource is different from other resources on the following :
human resource is living active and sensitive factor of production.
human resource extracts work and activities other factors.
human resource is indispencible  factor of production .
 human resource refers to the population of a country and the efficiency ,productivity ,skill of its inhabitants.
health is the basic constituent of human capital. human element is an essential element of production .
the economic rate can be achived in a faster rateif we are healthy and competent enough.
health makes an individual healthy active energetic and efficient work force. it is rightly said that there is a sound mind in a sound body. sound physic and mental alertness is vissible asset which makes human resourse an asset for the country.
assets are the valuable things owned by a country  .the healthy  educated  skilled and technologically qualified people are the asset of the nation. health  educationand training make people an asset .
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