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It is possible that thieves and robbers can plan better if they are more educated.
Terrorists can become fatal if they knowledgeable and can make weapons themselves through the education they received.

Many students are not able to withstand the pressures and are committing suicides. Education is being commercialized and has become costly now.

Inventions and discoveries like atomic bombs, chemical weapons, biological weapons have been fatal to humanity as they have been used many times against innocent people.

Now people of many countries are worried about nuclear weapons of neighboring countries and are involved in making nuclear weapons.

All educated people are thinking of jobs in the urban areas and now hardly any educated person lives in the villages these days. Educated persons are able to cheat the illiterate poor villagers in regards to their properties, facilities from the government, etc.

Now the the seeds and pesticides that are to be used by farmers are being adulterated by persons with some scientific knowledge for selfish commercial purposes. This is resulting in deaths of poor farmers.

Education is the fundamental right of every child, irrespective of caste, creed, colour and religion. But there are some disadvantages of education.- Teenagers are suiciding due to workload and pressure.- Learned people with cruel hearts make evil plans with the help of their education. Such creations are atom bombs and poisonous chemicals.
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