Draw four sides border neatly
then you have to write your matter in another box
mention date as 16th-sep-2014
you have to keep , and. In regular times
after full stop start with a capital letter
must be mention date,day,commas,full stops where it is needed

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The tips I want to give you is that: Let your poster have more images than writing and make it look more attractive and neat. Have more images because if people don't know how to read they can see the pictures and understand what the poster is all about. The handwriting must be beautiful. If you doing a poster for creating an awareness amongst people about something then you can have good slogans. Make a speech about your poster like name of participants,why you have chosen this topic,more information about relating to the topic. While showing your postet this speech can be told and after completing the speech, a slogan can be told loudly. This is what I and my group had done when we had the same kind of project. We got an A+ for that. Hope so it will help you.
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