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Due to vast longitudinal extent, the time varies for about two hours from the Western most Gujarat to the Eastern most Arunachal Pradesh. To maintain uniformity of time the local time 82°30' E is considered as INDIAN STANDARD TIME.
Due to the vast latitudinal extent, thedifference between the durations of day and night hardly felt at kanyakumari but not so in Kashmir

1.The local times of places which lies on different meridians may differ.The sun rises two hours earlier in AP as compared to Gujarat.But the standard time of India remains same as 82 degree 30 min east is taken as standard meridian.

2.82 degree 30 min east is taken as standard meridian because it lies exactly on the middle of India.There is time lag in different places .To avoid the confusion it is taken as standard meridian.

3.It is because of the latitudinal difference in the places.Kanyakumari lies close to equator.Days and nights are equal in places near equator.Kashmir lies far away from equator,so the difference occur.