The impact of human activities on environment :
industries :    Owing(due) to industries , plants  and air get spoil. owing to this  decrease in plants the oxygen level is also decreased. Several animals and plants were depending on plants for food etc,
pesticides :  pesticides are used on  the crop field for the protection of crop field from insects. these pesticides results in killing some useful insects.these decreases fertility of soil.
deforestation:  due to deforestation , it causes decrease in rainfall and also cause pollution. deforestation has also even results in decrease in number of  plants. Number of animals also been decreasing.
pollution: There are many types of pollution they are :
soil pollution, air pollution, water pollution and sound pollution. owing to tn to smoke released by vehicles and industries air  pollution occurs. By releasing some chemicals  from industriesb they are mixing with water and this leadsto wter pollution

Growing population and the increasing demands have resulted in a great damge to our resources. Most of the non renewable resources are on the verge of finishing or disappearing. The impact is vital. :)