1.Education effects dressing sense .it teaches to dress according to modren culture.
2.Continuous reading or heavy home work leads ot lack of family bonding.
3.Make children physically weak because they only concentrate on education but not cur culative activities
4.Though they r educated they wont apply the education in their daily life.
5.They feel shun in physical labour.
6.They wont treat illiterate people with courtesy.
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can you write a coherent essay with sentences in english. nothing is clear what u want to say
what is meant by dress sense ?
In this changing day world meaning of education has changed.''Education teaches people how to live''. This caption might be applicable to present scenario as most of educated people  think that they are supreior .As a result they try to become dominant.They start abusing the people who work for them.In addition to this people try to shun physical labour,as today's education system demands more time for studies children and their social and family relationships might get affected.These are some adverse effects of education.
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