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Embryo with single cotyledon
Pollen with single furrow or pore
Flower parts in multiples of three
Major leaf veins parallel
Stem vacular bundles scattered
Embryo with two cotyledons
Pollen with three furrows or pores
Flower parts in multiples of four or five
Major leaf veins reticulated
Stem vascular bundles in a ring
1)In dicot plant .the hypodermis is made up of collenchymatous cells whereas in monocot plant the hypodermis is made up of  sclerenchymatous cells.
2)in dicot.starch sheath is present whereas it is absent in monocot
3)vascular bundles are opened in dicot whereas it is closed in monocot.
4)dicot leaves have net venation whereas monocot leaves have parallel venation.
5)in dicot leaves more number of stomata are presen in the lower surface whereas the monocot leaves have equal number of stomata on either side.