Nowadys v can easily find children,evn as young as2yrs old playing with electronic devices ,they r not responding 2 der parents,or when relatives come they sit in front of t.v not even thinking wat others may think..on der relations r being spoilt..
they are utilizing the technology in a flexible manner it is good for them only
You lazy fellow.are you addicted to facebook.are you not don't know spellings of words
In todays worls due to industrialisation, everything is so modernised that life seams impossible without these handy gadgets. they have become a part of our daily routine/life and are continuosly influencing us. Today even children as small as 2 to 3 years know how to open and play their favourite games on phones and tablets. Just as a coin has two sides, gadgets with all their advantages are also harmful. they are very addictive and we endup spending a lot of time in front of various gadgets, whether it be our phones, laptops or the tv. It is killing the use of appropriate use of language and has completely changed the way we keep relations with other people. Today friends are only for commenting and liking our posts on social sites. The whole prspective of friendship has changed completely. We can hardly see any respect for each other. It's all about keeping up with the latest technology and finding friends who'd make you look cool.