According to Charles law the air pressure in a closed container should vary linearly with clesius temperature. Suppose that the following pressures and temperatures are measured for a particular container

a)Plot the data accurately.Then line up a ruler so that the line you would draw using it will 'fit' the data as closely as possible. Draw the line
b) Find the slope and P-intercept of your line by reading the graph.Use these write the particular equation expressing P interns of T

P: 20.3 28.4 33.9 40.2 48.0 52.8 62.1 68.2 72.1 79.8
avg point (550, 48.55)
needs a graph
sir will u please explain detail
needs a graph paper sheet to plot these points. i need a camera to take picture and paste it here


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See diagram.

Plot the points on a two-dimensional  graph.  You can take the proper graph sheet  and plot them like I did.

Then draw a line that is very close to all points.  touch the points - as many as you can to draw. Extend the line to Pressure axis.  

I see that it meets Pressure axis at 14 units.    P Intercept = 14 units

Now find slope.  Take two points on the straight line. Find the increase in pressure and increase in temperature between them.

Slope = increase in pressure /  increase in temperature  = (80-14)/(1000- 0)
           = 0.066 units 

P = 0.066 T + 14  units

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