Elections in our country are needed to organise and setup our countrys position and status in the world.The 5-year plan in our country is started when Joseph Stalin started in Russia.Elections are needed for the people to elect their representatives and serve them.


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Elections give a chance to the electorate (public & voters) to select the candidate of their choice. They select a suitable candidate having qualifications, experience, proper ideals, and capable of improving people's lives.

The elections at regular intervals also gives a chance to the people to remove a representative who is not doing them any good.

Elections also ensure that one party or person does not monopolize its policies on people and become a dictator. Elections are the most important part of democracy.

Success of elections and how elections are conducted in a country are watched by the neighboring countries, USA, Russia, china UNO etc. Elections give a chance to a capable person to represent people and candidates to come in touch with the people of their constituency.

Because there are elections, parties and candidates are forced to do good to the people.

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