Discrimination,unequality,caste variations,political differences


our constitution does not define the word 'minority' in talks of religious and linguistic per the census of india 2001,the minorities form 18.42 percent of india's population .five religious communities have been indentified and declared as minorities by union govt.these are muslims,Sikhs,parsis,Christians and Buddhists.

our constitution guarantees some more special rights to the minorities.some of them are:

1) article29(1) states that all citizens have the right to conserve their distinct languages,scripts and cultures.

2)article 29(2) states that no citizen can be denied admission to any govt or govt aided educationa;l institutions on the basis of religion ,castes,or language.

3)article(30) states that all religions and linguistic minorities can establish and administer educational institution of their choice.

4)article 350 (A) states that the state shall make provisions for the facilities to impart instruction in the mother tongue at primary stage.

5)article350(B) states that the state shall make provisions for a special officer for linguistic minorities.

india has cultural,linguistic,religious,and racial diversity.

therefore ,these provisions in the constitutions aim to achive communalharmony,national integrity and uniform development.

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