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1 Unstable and thus vulnerable to Dictatorship. 2 Article 48 gave President the right to impose emergency, suspend civil right & laws. 3 Proportional representation made achieving a majority by party impossible thus leading to coalition.
1.ARTICLE 48:It gave the president the right to impose emergency ,suspend civil rights and rule by decree.
2..In a democratic parliamentary system which seemed to offer no solution to the problems people lost confidence.
3.LIBERAL USE OF ARTICLE 48:Within a short period of time they saw 20 different cabinets lasting on an average 239 days.
4.PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION:This made achieving the majority by any one party.
I don't know how to directly give the answer, so I'm typing it in Adithya1234's comment section, hope you don't mind. The four inherent defecets in the Weimar constitution were Proportional representation: Achieving a majority by a single party was near impossible, leading to coalitions.
Article 48: It gave the power to the President to impose emergency, suspend civil rights and rule by decree (BTW, this point is most important)
Twenty different cabinets came to power lasting on a n average 239 days, with liberal use of Article 48.
People lost confidence in the democratic parliamentary system.
You can choose any three, but I would suggest the first three, and Article 48 is the most important point