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person  :sir  may I come in...???
officer: yes yes!
person :sir last month I sent an application but we got no answer of it
officer: application...!!1which one can u tell me about it...
person: it was relates to the development of village.
officer :oh ok! i will look towards it but now as u have come here can u tell me what is the main problem faced by the people..??
person:yes sure why not sir!there are not only one but many problems which are faced by the good water system even there is no electricity still we are working by candles and torch.
officer: oh yes its such a big problem..
person:even there is no proper system of anything girls have to go out in the night for searching for water and this result in kidnapping of girls...don't u feel its a big problem...??
officer: yes!it is but you don't worry I will definitely look towards it.tomorrow only I will send my officers to take a round of village to find out all problems and we will find its solution.
person:thank you sir !
officer: it is my duty!!
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