As we all know today is the historical day for the sottish people, as there referendum for voting to total sovereignty is underway today 18/09/2014. As we take a look at the maps history from 20th century all the country which most got total freedom from there colonial subjugator because to upheld there dignity by not accepting an outsider to rule them ... The resons for partions of a country relics on veriois aspect 1.)language, 2.)religion,3.) ethnicity, 4.)culture &5.) creed . If we take look at India and Pakistan(including west Pakistan) partition, the major points to note is because of religion(Hidu & Muslim). You say India is an unilateral secular sate (not bound to religion) but at the time, muhammed ali- jinna and his members thought that, they(Muslims) won't get fare & equal Rights because Muslim is 2 minority groups in India and Hindu people won't allow them to do there religious laws and customs. Of there own .
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Ther were many reason some of them r 
1) language 
2) religious
3) ethnicity 
4) Culture
And many other