You along with your friends went to a village to study the village life. there you foundmany people living with minimum facilities. you met a village develpoment officer andyou interacted with the officer write the dialogue between you and the officer with regard to the developmental programme

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officer is sitting in his cabin
person:sir may I  come in...??
officer: sure sure!come
person:gud mrng sir
officer: good morning
person: I just want to talk u about the condition of this village.......if u allow me
officer :yes sure
person: can u imagine a life without electricity!
officer: its impossible! we all need resources in thid world
person:sir u think its impossible but the people living in the village has to go through all these problems.
officer:oh ok !I will look towards it
person:sir there is no electricity nd no proper system for anyting don't u thk it makes the life difficult and uncomfortable.....
officer: I am really sorry for this problem .today only I will send my officials to take a round and find problems so that we can find the solution of it
person:thank you sir really!!!this help is needed a lot
officer: no no ! no thank you it my duty.i will play a prominent role in he development of our country.
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Friends name: pratap swathi shreya etc.;
pratap:good morning sir
officer: good morning 
pratap: i had a question related to village facilities
officer: tell
pratap:people are living with minimum facilities
officer: yes i aggree
swathi:sir you can ask FUNDS from government for your village people development
shreya: sir you can put more pressure on government for FUNDS
pratap:we will also support you sir
officer: ok i will write a letter to welfare development office of state government ok
pratap:thank you sir
officer: ok welcome
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