How to solve friendship disputes?
We are a group of three,'a', 'b' and 'c'.
'a' likes 'b' more than 'c' but 'c' likes 'a' more than 'b'.
So 'c' does not let 'a' and 'b' together and 'c' takes 'a' with her.
So 'b' feels that 'a' does not like 'b'.
Both 'b' and 'c' are very possessive about 'a', and they both start fighting.
I need a solution for this.
Sorry if it is confusing,but please help me.
And sorry if this question does not come under Art, but please help me.
I found only this category which was slightly related to my problem, so please help me.
I do not want lose any of them.
Sorry I did not want to mention the names of a, b and c.
Please understand.



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Sit and talk out your feelings and your difficulties
Tell to your friends that you don't like this habit of them.
tell them that there shouldn't be any groupism among friends.
Tell " a " to spend equal times with both her friends.
Talk all your problems and find a solution.
Remember a friend is a best companion that you shouldn't loose ever.
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hi how r u.
ok bye i shud study for the exam
You should try to talk with your friends. Tell them what you want. Ask them about their feelings. All three of you should sit together and express your feelings and settle disputes between b and c. Both of them will feel better after knowing that you feel equally about both of them.