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Human relations are the way people interact with each other, the closeness one feels with other, the amount of time one spends with another, the way people learn from one another and so on.

With the introduction of national wide TV transmissions, a lot of changes have happened. During the last two decades a lot of technological developments, change of status of many people, level of education, economical development and advent of a lot of gadgets have taken place. So a lot of changes have taken place.

Television is accessible to a lot of people in urban and rural areas. TV programs in multiple languages are transmitted. Old persons and housewives watch the programs during their spare time. Often they see for many hours a day. Some people after returning from office watch TV for some time.  Children are allowed to see TV programs for some time a day.

Due to the watching of TV often people neglect or postpone the relations they have to maintain with their close persons. Often news was personally carried from person to person before TV became popular. Now people learn from TV quickly. People have formed relations with persons that appear on the television serials and other programs. This adds to additional relations.

Often people watch cricket match or some favorite program and ignore or postpone their beloved persons needs. Direct people to people interaction has become less. Children some times get addicted to it and become disrespectful to elders. When the house is small, peace and calmness loving elders are annoyed by sounds from TV.

A new type of interactions and family dynamics have evolved after TVs have becomes popular. Some family based or popular shows have brought all family together.  But in general they have distanced people.  However, interactions of people have increased with many persons that have appeared on TV.

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