Mathematics is a word used by us humans to indicate anything related to numbers. Maths is every where actually the whole creation was calculated. Birds are one of the finest examples, their brains are very small but can navigate and fly better than an aeroplane this is physics and if you see properly physics also has maths in it, chemistry also has maths in it since we need numbers to balance a chemical equation, and even biology is a part of maths.There is a bird called the incubator or the Australian turkey its precise calculation of temperature is awesome, it knows what should be the temp of its nest (this work is done by the male bird)if its low than 90 degree Fahrenheit the baby will die and even if it is high than 90 degree Fahrenheit the baby will die(no one has taught it "how to do what?")and when its baby hatches it flies and starts finding its food on its own and when it evolved into an adult it repeats the process again.EVEN EVOLUTION CAN'T EXPLAIN THIS PHENOMENON!