There are many vestigial organs in the human body, nearly180 like hair,appendix,etcbut we dont use those organs so much so they are called as vestigial and humans are also called as movig museum
this is  in biology text 10th ssc new syllabus
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1. some organs in our body does not possess any role in the life process,which are called vestigial organs.
2. during the course of evolution some organs remained with no function in the organisms.
3. for example,appendix present in our digestive system have no role to play in the process of digestion in human beings.
4. but this appendix have a key importance in herbivores.
5. such type of organs which are not useful in animals or human beings are called vestigial organs.
6. there are about 180 vestigial organs in human body.
7. for example,pinna,hair or skin,mammary glands in human etc..
8. that's why human being is called a moving museum of vestigial organs.

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