What is good behaviour? Well, that’s obvious isn’t it? Good behaviour is sitting still, doing what you’re told, speaking when you’re spoken to and generally following instructions. And that’s great, except for the fact that students are in school to learn, not to behave. Behaviour rules are only a means to an end; they enable us to teach. But if rules encourage unquestioning passivity, should we really be compelling students to follow them? Ever heard of Behaviour for Learning, or B4L? Most often, all it seems to mean is that students are being quiet and respectful so that the teacher is free to impart knowledge instead of wasting time trying to make them shut up and listen. Of course shutting up and listening is important, and anyone who’s ever had charge of a truly dysfunctional class knows how horrible an experience it can be.

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Good behaviour is the good manner in which a person conducts or behaves himself.  Behaviour is one of the traits of a person.  Animals always behave in one manner when ever they encounter a situation.  But one human being can behave in different ways for the same situation.  Different human beings behave differently for the same situation.

Behaviour is linked with our expectations of what a person does or what one should do.  We have rules so that all of us can live in harmony and without one disturbing another.

When one follows the rules and acts accordingly we say he / she has a good behaviour.  It is essential for building one's career. When we behave good, our superiors will be pleased.  We get a chance to move higher in our career and life. When we expect good behaviour from some one else, they also expect good behaviour from us.

Often there are conflicts between good behaviour and selfishness. Also between good behaviour and exploitation of others. But we should view the long term benefits from good behaviour and adopt that in all situations.

Our elders tell us a lot of stories and tell us the moral of the stories. We should learn from the stories to behaves nicely.

At the end of your tenure at the school, you get a conduct certificate. This mentions your behavior during your school days.