Babar died because he was seriously ill but rumours says that actually humayun his youngest son was ill at the position of dying soon and babur traditionally prayed to god that take his life ispite of taking his son's because he was going to become the heir of the kingdom....soon babar started getting ill and humayun was feeling bettr after some time babur died at the age of 47 on 26 december 1530....according to his will he was buried in bagh e babar kabul, afghanistan............
Babar is said to have circled the sick bed, crying to god to take his life and not his sons.the traditions that follow this tell that babur soon fell ill  with a fever and humayun began to get better again. his  last word to humayun were ' do nothing against your brothers , even thought they deserve it.' he died at age of 47 on jan 5 (26 dec 1950) 1531 his elder son humayun suuceeded him.