1.Study. This might sound obvious but it is very important that you study thoroughly and understand everything that is going on. Don't be afraid to ask the teacher questions during class time. They will usually be more than happy to help you.

2.Take ideas from your surroundings. In your exam you might find a writing section which involves writing a story. To make your story descriptive and great try use your surroundings, get a notebook for starts and go
Listen and work hard in class. English teachers should be preparing you for it in class, so when in class work hard and listen because this can make a BIG difference to your papers on the day.
4.Make sure you go to bed early the night before. This helps you have a fresh mind for the exam and you will be able to think straight and clearly.
practise in websites for grammar worsheets.maintain a vocabulary note which helps you to learn new words. be tharough with concepts .all the best.you are english topper.


I don't know whther you are ICSE or cbse student but i will give you general tips.
Being and ICSE student as well CBSE you have to make it clear that from begniing you have to make day and night one so,any play or story you  must read at night when you are going to sleep.Than each day at least study english and you are done..... I hope and believe that you will do it and pass with more than 80% marks.
Best of luck.