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There is a need of give responsibility towards parents for a girl because in present time the girls participate  in every field of work as well as girl is more matured than boys.we don't think that girl can't handle situation but we have to give more responsibilities to girl because girls are more sincerely than boys.
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thank you but i wanted to know more on the different responsibility a girl has to undertake towards her parents?
yes. answer down to earth - realistically
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My parents had taken a good care of me when I was small. They had given me good education. They had taught me good values, morals and ethics. They had helped to learn the ways of the world. I have learnt to manage myself. I have been able to plan my education and career. They have helped me to be able to become myself and have given me courage to face the world and progress. They have given me facilities and finance to achieve all this.

So it is my duty that I reciprocate the good that they have done to me. When my parents become old, I will take care of them. I will look after their health and will take care of them personally. What elders need after they are aged, is the love and care. I will give those to them. I will finance their medical and other needs. If required I will employ some one to work for them too. 

I will take care of their other affairs like property matters, land matters, and deposits. They will not be able to take care of them by themselves. Not only my parents, I will respect their friends and acquaintances.

Often young persons do not listen to their elders and that gives a lot of pain to their elders. But I will respect their opinion and their value system. 

I will follow the good principles that they represent. This is one way I show my gratitude to them.

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