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Montmerecy:  He is not portrayed as a mere dog. In fact he is treated as per human member of owing party. When author saw him he thought as being a dog he’ll not live long but dog proved one up with great qualities….he is a fox terrier who are clever, adventurous and a good fighter. He doesn’t like cats because once he saw a big black cat and when he tried to chase, it doesn’t show any hurry and went to sit in the middle of the road. The look of cat was such that the dog has to stop and look back at cat. After a while, it went away..He felt embarrassed and now he hate cats … He is adventurous and a fighter by nature. At oxford he had 11 fights on 1st and 14 fights on 2nd day ..he was so happy that he thought he had gone to heaven.
Jerome : He is the author of book . He is young single middle class man living in London.  He is fond of history and literature and spends much of his time daydreaming about the days when knights roamed on England...this also sometimes lead him to trouble when he doesn't pay suitable attention on what he is doing..he is also little bit romantic.
Uncle Podger : Uncle Podger is a messy and forgetful being. Like Harris, Uncle Podger too takes charge of a task only to delegate it to people around him and later blame its failure on them. Uncle Podger engages everyone present in the house to get him things he required to hang a picture on the wall. He asks them to hold the chair, lift the picture, search for his coat etc. Though everybody runs from one corner to the other and follow his instructions, he still taunts them and shouts at them. Even for nailing a nail in the wall, he would take hours and still mess things up. Thus, his account in the book is highly amusing and one of the most memorable one. The description of commotion that he creates in the house in order to get a trivial task done is really funny.

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