Every living organism depends on others. there is a good relationship between organisms. for example, take sparrow campaign in china, in that lakhs of sparrows died. after that, all the crops were damaged by insects, worms. in this way, all the organisms depend on each other.
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All the organisms in an ecosystem are interdependent on each other in some or the other way.
Such the Carbon dioxide  released by humans and animals is taken by plants for the process of photosynthesis. As a result of photosynthesis plants release oxygen which the most important and the survival gas of animals and humans.
Not only this way but there are many other ways in which organisms in an ecosystem are interrelated on each other.One them is :
Plants are the producers which are eaten by primary consumers/herbivores.
Again these herbivores are eaten by secondary consumer/carnivores.
Again these carnivores are eaten by tertiary consumers.
These tertiary consumers are again eaten by the decomposers/scavengers after death.
In this way all the organisms in an ecosystem are interrelated to each other.
Hence, the relationship of organisms in an ecosystem is appreciable.
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