Characters Of Role "The Dear Departed" Is Defined Below :-
 Mrs.Amelia Slater } Sisters
Mrs.Elizabeth Jordan } Sisters

 Henry Slater } Husband of Amelia
 Ben Jordan } Husband of Elizabeth
Victoria Slater - A Girl Of 10 in role } Amelia's Daughter She is Daughter of Amelia
Jimmy - He is Son Of Elizabeth

Abel Merry Weather - } Father Of Amelia And Elizabeth
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Mrs.Amelia Slater - Daughter of Abel Merry Weather
Mrs.Elizabeth Jordan - Daughter of Abel Merry Weather         

 Henry Slater - Husband of  Mrs.Amelia Slater
 Ben Jordan - Husband of Mrs.Elizabeth Jordan
Victoria Slater -  Daughter of Mrs.Amelia Slater
Jimmy - Son Of Mrs.Elizabeth Jordan

Abel Merry Weather - Father of Mrs.Amelia Slater and Mrs.Elizabeth Jordan
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