When I made my first mistake/Imy didnt check me/thats where the root of evil /thats where the evil's root started growing./when I stole my first coin/I was not stopped/now I rot in the jail/for the bank I robbed./mostly the roots of evil are deep deep deep../one found pluck them out/if not then/they'll grow into a tree / and then it'll be difficult to uproot it out
Floating around in the clouds like a butterfly 
I go through the day wondering why, 

Working for a living 
Still I can't afford to die
I keep on giving wondering, why? 

Money is the root of all evil or so we are told 
Still we need to survive, 
off of the evil we thrive 
It's as if our souls are at auction and once they are sold 
Get up go to work, that's what we're told.

We are at the mercy of evil, 
But we do not see, 
everyday that passes evil is the key, 
and without the key you cannot unlock the door, 
not knowing what behind 
makes us come back for more.

The good always triumphs in the end 
But evil will still be there, 
just like your best friend

You hear them say you did it man, you earned that pay
Now take that dollar and spend it wise, 
cause you'll never have as much as the other guys.

You want and you need you cannot control, 
the evil is in you deep in your soul.