In Fig. 10.19, AB and CD are two chords of a circleintersecting each other at point E. Prove that∠AEC =1/2 (Angle subtended by arc CXA at centre+ angle subtended by arc DYB at the centre).

without figure it can not be answered
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u havent said where is x and y, so the data is insufficient
paste the diagram


1/2 (angle AOC) = angle ADE  ..1     (Angle at the center is double the angle at other part made by arc)
1/2 (angle BED) = angle DAE  ..2     (using same property as above)
angle AEC = angle ADE + angle DAE  (Exterior angle equal to the sum of opposite interior angle in Δ)
angle AEC =1/2(angle AOC + angle BED)  [using 1 and 2]
angle AEC =1/2(angle subtended by arc CXA at center + angle subtented by arc DYB at the center)
Hence, proved