1. A man travels 1.5 m towards east, then 2 m towards south and finally 4.5 m towards east.
Calculate the displacement.

2. A frog hops along as straight line path from "A" to point "B" in 10s an then turns and hops to point "C" in another 5s. Calculate the average speed and average velocity, in each case, of the frog for the motion between:-
(a) A to B (b) A to C (through B)



1Distance moved east=1.5 m+4.5 m=6 m
Distance moved south=2m
By pythagoras theorem,
=rootover(36m2+4m2)=rootover 40m2=6.32m(approx)
In the 2nd question,the distance is not defined,so 
we can give answers only with variables,which will be answered by someone else.

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