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"MYSTERY" : mistic or misterium from the word itself you will baffle in pointless .You may all know, mystery means something which we can't understand, which always leaves with puzzling question mark. Each and every one of you may or you will come a crossed the word through pages(book) or through you're life journey. You may all mighty thinking that we all standing on earth... No my friend you're wrong b'coz we stand on mystery that we still struggle to know what and why .do you any know where all this birds,ocean, sun, earth, sky came from ..if you're a religious person you will say from The All Might GOD ... If you're a scientific or fact counter you may say from atoms or big bang . But one thing is certain that "everything comes from some where;but from no where" this called mystery its the hidden secrets ment for you and me to find this wonder .
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Mystery is, not knowing the truth about some event that happened or about a person. For example, we do not know what happened to Subhash Chandra Bose. His life ended in a mystery. We do not about the life after death and what happens after. It is a mystery.

People like mysteries. It thrills them.  The suspense and mystery hold the persons attention, holds the heart beat, all the concentration and focus of the persons converges to the mysterious event or scene or news.

When the mystery is unfolded we relieve ourselves, we feel so happy about it. The persons who solve mysteries feel very accomplished and great about it.

We do not really know so much about our Earth and Universe. It is still a mystery to us.
There are many mystery bestseller novel writers in all languages world over. The sense of mystery really intrigues people and they like it. People watch films and TV serials thrilled by the mysteries. If the mystery is broken, then they will lose interest.

The nature was a mystery to man and woman for a long time.  The scientists are interested in investigating the mysteries.  Scientists over centuries have unravelled the mysteries of the world in various fields of sciences.

Mysteries are everyday lives for the police force and detectives.  For many people, their own lives are a mystery until they settle down somewhere.

Well, before I started this speech, to all of you, it was a mystery too.

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