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growth of plant is not a physical change its a chemical change. because eif the plant grows once we cant shorten them tht is we cant reverse the change
.hence its chemical not physical change
and freezing of water is physical because the molecules do not undergo any change if the frozen water will be heated it will change to water retains all the properties of water hence its a physical change
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because no new thing is formed it remains a plant only,just like our growth is physical growth similarly plant 's growth is also a physical growth
its written in google buddies
u r nt turning ur body into sumthing new but plants changes der parts into buds flowers leaves
dnt fight yr its all over if it will be rond moderators will delete chll
Your statement is wrong...
The growth of plant is a chemical change because it does not change immediately and freezing of water is a physical change because it can change immediately.
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growth of plant is physical chnge..
oh sorry
thank u...