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You'd is the story of sher singh who depicts extraordinary power off human will. He carries his ailing brother on his back, through the dark night. Sher singh is hardly 12but he is determined to save his brother kunwar at any cost. On his way to the hospital hee encountered many impediments. First the congress then the elephants and then the broken bridge. However not for a moment does he think of giving up or returning home. He is as brave as his father
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Journey by night is a story of a brave boy, Sher Singh, whose father was a very brave man and was awarded the title Bahadur. The boy was also very brave like his father. He carried his younger brother,Kunwar, who was suffering from severe stomach pain to the Hospital travelling a distance of 50 miles crossing forest at night and 2 rivers(1 flooded) and finally reaches the hospital and saves the life of his younger brother.The river was flooded and there was no bridge to help them through; hence they could not swim also. Then he saw a wreck of a bridge. He thought fast of some way to cross the bridge. He made a rope and tied kunwar (He had fainted) with himself and entered into the water above the wreak of brigde. The water was too cold, he could not move. They even slipped. But then he recovered and his determination were high which helped them finally to cross the bridge even with such adversities.
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