Relious reformers are more in india than in other countries.they show the differences between casts but we indians should not think like that we should not encrase them.

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If we consider the whole earth onely few country has multicultural enthusiastic from the time of English calendar. Social & religious reforms is the only thing keeps India as a unified sate, thanks to those grate leaders like Thanthai periyar, raja ram mohan roy , M.G.Gandhi, Henry Vivian derozio , lord William Bentinck, Annie besant....because of this people selfless deeds we now able to see a morden India where we "almost' crushed social evils like "sati, polygamy, child marriage, female infanticide and caste discrimination" and gave birth to reforms like "liberty, equality & fraternity". Yes only by this social religious reforms we now identify as INDIAN
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Sry ..not enthusiastic- it's "ethnicity"