the constitution was formed by well experienced group of people from all over india.they had a vision for the future of india and prepared the constitution accordingly.besides all that there has been no major appeal from any party or officials demanding a new constitution largely because the constitution can be amended to a certain extent if necessary.once india reaches a full societal boon, there can be a chance of re writing our constitution i hope it helps you to do your work

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The first reason why we accept a constitution which is made more than fifty year ago is because
1) the constituent assembly represent the people. it is not elected by the people but  it has so many people of different cast, language, region, gender and so on. so they have different idea. so the assembly represent the people of our country  

2) the constituent assembly work in a systamatic manner, open and consensual manner

3) the consituent assembly  assembly which drafted our constitution does not reflect the views of the members but the whole country.

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