You along with your friends went to a village to study the village life. There you found many people living with minimum facilities . You met a village development officer and you interacted with the officer . Write the dialouges between you and the regard to the developmental programmes.



Student: good morning sr
officer: good morning please be seated
student: sir can i ask you about village development?
officer: ask my boy
student: are you providing them education sir?
officer:ya we are providing
student: but the children are not going to school
officer: no they are going daily
student: Ok then wat about roads, sanitation, street lights?
officer: Ok my boy we'll arrange them
student:  Ok thank you sir. i'll come again
officer: Ok thank you

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 good morning sir iam sai 
officer:what do you want child
i:i want to clarrify few doubts with you
off:ask me child 
i: sir why my village is not developing
off:there are many reasons 
i:sir my only aim is to develop my village
off: what do you want to do
i:i want govt to implement roads,drainage system, post office,check dams in our village
off:i wil interact with collector of our mandal and i will say your plans to him
i: thank you sir

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